Gelato for days!

There is definitely not a lack of gelato shops here! Yesterday I went to a famous one near the Trevi fountain that has 150 flavors! Leonardo was thoroughly overwhelmed and we took a long time to figure out what we wanted!

This week we continued to learn about various aspects of the Roman Empire. We also finalized our topics for our midterm papers that are due in about a week. We all realized that we actually have to complete academic work while here! What madness….

This Saturday me and a small group of students from the program are going on a day trip to Naples to have the famous Napoli pizza and to visit the site of Pompeii. I’m excited to see yet another city in Italy. To finish my blog entry I’d like to tell you guys another cultural fact about Italy….you push the door to enter a place, and pull to get out! Exactly the opposite of America.

Arrivederci for now!


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5 thoughts on “Gelato for days!

  1. Stephanie

    Grammy: yes, they allow you to have two flavors in a cup! I usually end up with multiple flavors, it’s so hard to pick!

    Nicole: I would definitely bring you back gelato if I could :)

  2. Nicole

    That is amazing! I wish you could send us some gelato! I do not know if I would be able to choose between 150 flavors myself.

  3. D

    I have never noticed that there was any regularity to push/pull doors. I have often noticed that they open in the opposite way that I try first! This observation may improve my life … yet another benefit of this trip!
    In the photo, Leonardo looks as if he is seeking advice from you on which flavor to pick. Seven types of chocolate huh? It’s like being in Alaska and asking for ice! Incidentally, do they serve ice in drinks there?

  4. Grammy

    Wow, what a delight! Do they let you have more than one flavor in a cup?
    Pompeii was definitely interesting. When I was there eons ago one area was off limits to women. Doubt if that is true now.

  5. Poppy & Grandma

    One hundred fifty flavors of gelato- that would be overwhelming! We push doors out in public buildings in USA because of the issue of a possible panic exit by crowds. Based on my earlier visit to Naples, we would be interested in your perception of the City. Pompeii will present some graphic historic information.

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