Goal, Roma!

For my first full weekend in Rome, I decided to stay in the
city and enjoy watching a few sporting events. For those of you who
know me well, this is probably not a shock :)! Yesterday night a
group of us went to an Irish pub to watch the Seahawks game, a very
worldly experience! The bar was packed with Americans rooting on
their respective teams, so the atmosphere was electric. Although I
am loving living in Rome, it was nice to have a little taste of
home; beer, burgers, and football! As for the second sporting event
of the weekend, we all went to an AS Roma (soccer) game today.
Rome’s team is currently in second place in the Italian league, and
today they won 4-0. The stadium holds 80,000 fans and although it
wasn’t sold out, the atmosphere was crazy! In each horseshoe of the
stadium there were many fans waving massive flags throughout the
entire match. They must have been so strong! Europeans are
definitely passionate about their soccer teams. Leonardo was able
to make the trip to the stadium, in fact, he was very popular with
the locals sitting around us!

As for another cultural custom of
Rome, apparently it is perfectly normal to set off explosive
devices and flares at soccer games! An occasional BOOM during play
was all part of the game. Boy would the security at Century Link
have a hay day with this one.

Arrivederci for now!



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5 thoughts on “Goal, Roma!

  1. Allison

    Watch out for those soccer fans! They can be crazy for sure. What kinds of food do they have in their stadiums? You know here it’s all going gourmet. I know, I know, I’m all about the food! haha. Glad you’re having fun. I bet there’s lots to do around the city on weekends!

    • Stephanie

      About the food….there was actually hotdogs, I was so surprised! They really just had hotdogs and pizza, that was it. People definitely go for the game, there isn’t too many food stands.

  2. D

    Great post! Gotta love the passion. Also have to say that I like the ability of the people to express themselves … with explosives!
    I am pleased to hear that you are getting a full flavor of Roma from the ruins to the roar! Vivere in Italia! (Leonardo is still awesome!)

  3. Grammy

    That is fascinating. Wow, all that action. You must be exhausted! Are you learning a lot of Italian words?

    • Stephanie

      I’m learning some basic words, but almost everyone speaks in English to us especially when we are in a large group. I try and use the few words I know whenever I can!

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