Ancient Roman Architecture

Today our class visited the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
It was amazing to me that these structures that were built 2,000
years ago still stand and are in pretty good shape for being so
old. The colosseum is a massive structure, having a capacity of
70,000 in its hay day! The seating was by class, with the
politically important people lower and the regular citizens higher.
Leonardo enjoyed seeing such an impressive historical site :)! Our
professor let us walk around by ourselves for a bit, and I found
that it is possible to get lost in a circular structure. When in
use, the Colosseum had 17 entrances and exits, but now there is
only one and it’s definitely difficult to find! I think we may have
walked around the entire structure 3 times before figuring it out
:). We also toured the Roman Forum, which is now a field of ancient
Roman ruins that contains many important governmental building
ruins. These included the Comitium (assembly area of the Senate),
the Temple of Vesta, and the Temple of Caesar, just to name a few.
We also saw the exact site where Julius Caesar was burned publicly.
To this day, people bring flowers to the site to honor his legacy.
From the view of the Forum below, 2,500 years of history is visible
from that single spot. Pretty impressive! Another cultural norm
here that is different from the US is the closing of stores in the
middle of the day. A ‘siesta’ is time to take a nap in the middle
of the day between 1 and 4. Because they are so common, it is in
our rules of living at the apartment that we have to be quiet
between these hours of the afternoon, and stores are often closed
for a portion of this time! It’s a pretty sweet life over here :).




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2 thoughts on “Ancient Roman Architecture

  1. Nicole

    This is awesome Steph! I love reading your posts and learning about all of the amazing structures you are visiting. I have actually been learning about the siesta in both of my Spanish classes this quarter, so it is interesting to see the parallel! Can’t wait to continue reading your posts!

  2. D

    Very cool! Leonardo is awesome. He may appreciate a hair brush before nap time :)

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