Leonardo the traveling sloth

Ciao tutti! I have decided that to spice up my blog a bit, Leonardo, my pet sloth, will make guest appearances as he travels around to famous sites with me! His first picture was taken on our terrace looking down a side street toward the Sant’Andrea Della Valle.

Yesterday, I explored a new part of Rome with my friend Aleyna. We wandered to the Castel Sant’Angelo, which was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. Now, it is museum. There will be more details on this structure to come, as we will be visiting the museum as a group later in the month. The second place we visited yesterday was St. Peter’s Basilica. Although we did not go inside, the building and surrounding structures were breathtaking. The top of the dome structured Basilica is visible in the panorama picture below.

Although I have been very busy site seeing, I have not forgotten to experience the most important aspect of Rome…..gelato! My favorite flavor so far is cherry cream, which I had for dessert after lunch today. My goal is to try every flavor at our local gelato shop, however this may prove to be difficult as there is about 35 flavors! I guess I will just have to stop by twice some days :). To end my blog post today I would like to give the women some advice for if they have the chance to come to this beautiful city sometime in their lives. When you are at a restaurant, it is a cultural custom that patrons have to ask for the check, it is not simply given to you as it is in America. Ladies, make sure you sit there for a while before asking for the check because if you do, the waiter will usually give you a free dessert or drink (especially if your waiter is male)! Sorry guys, this is only common for a group of female patrons :).

Arrivederci for now!



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5 thoughts on “Leonardo the traveling sloth

  1. Allison

    Okay, I’m all caught up with the blog now. Cherry cream gelato.. oh boy does that sound good!! What other cultural stuff are you finding? When I was in England I went to the grocery store and after I checked out I realized nobody bags your groceries for you AND they don’t give you any bags to put your stuff in! I guess you have to learn some stuff the hard way ; )

  2. August

    I could not be happier to see Leonardo has left the bedroom. He’s so lazy sometimes…
    Make sure he goes everywhere!!!

  3. D

    Ciao! Leonardo looks very happy to be there! Of course he doesn’t have to do the school work! Glad to see he is getting out in the fresh air. Nice Gelato goal – Poppy would be all-in on that ambition. Keep walking 😉 Nice post!

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