Sight Seeing in Rome

Ciao! Today was the last day of no class for us, tomorrow
the ‘work’ begins! We spent our first few days in Rome exploring
the city, soaking up the local culture. Today we made a huge loop
around the city, visiting a festival for the Italian holiday
‘Epiphany’, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and up
an impressive hill to see a beautiful panorama view of the city. It
was a full day and all of our feet hurt from walking! The weather
has been impeccable here, today it was 60 degrees and sunny. Rome
is an amazing city and everyone here is nice and helpful. One thing
I am noticing is that we definitely look very American! A group of
us will be walking by locals, not even talking, and we here them
say ‘look, Americanos’. We are still trying to figure out how it is
so noticeable! We are all trying to speak in Italian as much as
possible, although even when we try the locals respond back in
English. I guess we need to work on our Italian!




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4 thoughts on “Sight Seeing in Rome

  1. Grammy

    I have been doing some research and learned that cowboy boots were very popular in Rome in 2007. Maybe they haven’t experienced the resurgence yet that the US has.

  2. Grammy

    Beautiful photos. Nice-looking apartment. I had forgotten just how big and beautiful Trevi is. Enjoy! Miss you. Ciao.

  3. D

    Spettacolare la mia figlia!
    Wow, that is a lot of people in that piazza! … and that blue sky is enviable :) Grazie!

  4. Allison

    Someone once told me they can spot us because of our shoes! Maybe sneakers or something? Either that or we stand out because we’re so exceptional.. I choose to believe the latter. Beautiful pictures.. keep them coming : )

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