The Land of Shamrocks

On Friday my study abroad program officially ended. We all flew back to Rome, and from there we said our goodbyes. It was hard to say goodbye to people we have spent every day with for the last three months, but we are hopeful to have reunions in the Spring. A group of us stayed in Rome for the night, so we decided to bus into the city for the afternoon. It was a great experience to come full circle, back to the site where our program began. We saw our favorite gelato shops, where we lived, and walked the paths we walked nearly every day two months ago. We all noticed the changes to Rome since we were there. The city was more crowded, more shops are open, and it seemed more lively overall. 

Saturday twelve of us flew to Dublin, Ireland. We are staying in the heart of the city, immersed in all the action of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, which is a week long event. There is green everywhere, and lots of Americans! Today we took a break from the city and took an all day tour to the other side of the island.  Our tour took us through the city of Galway, to a family farm in the hills, and finally to the famous Cliffs of Moher. At the family farm, we were able to pet a goat named Billy, climb a ‘mountain’ (more like a hill) to see a beautiful view of the valley, and learn more about rural Ireland. This part of Ireland was exactly what I picture Ireland to be; rolling green hills filled with herds of sheep with the ocean in the background. At the Cliffs of Moher, the fog lifted just in time for pictures. These Cliffs are pictured in many movies including Harry Potter, Leap Year, and Princess Bride. Although it was very windy, this was one of the most beautiful spots I have visited in my entire time in Europe. The scenery reminded me a lot of New Zealand, or the scenery from Lord of the Rings. We drove back along the southern coast of Ireland, seeing different scenery, the common rocky coast of Ireland. We saw how truly beautiful this country is today. Tomorrow will be a different experience, Saint Patrick’s Day in the city of Dublin. It should be a fun and crazy day!

Goodbye for now! (No more foreign language sign offs, just imagine it in an Irish accent!)







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5 thoughts on “The Land of Shamrocks

  1. Nicole

    I am so happy you had the chance to visit Ireland! It sounds so wonderful based on your descriptions. I can’t wait to hear about your St. Patrick’s Day experience!

  2. Poppy & Grandma

    Glad you took advantage of seeing sights outside of Dublin- sounds like there will be ample opportunity to participate in St. Patrick’s Day festivities. A whole week of partying, now that’s a lot of beer. Enjoy.

  3. Grammy

    Love that photo of you on the cliff. It looks like you’re saying “I have arrived.” What a beautiful country!

  4. D

    … and why are Billy’s horns tipped in Duct tape?

    Princess Bride! One of my all time favorite entertainment films! Now I’ll be quoting the movie all night. You could roll down the hills saying … ” asssss youuuuu wiiiiiish!”

  5. D

    HEY- you are kind of close to that cliff edge!!

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