The Loreta

Today we visited the Loreta across the river. The Loreta is
a pilgrimage site that was built in the 17th century. It is an
exact replica of the Holy House of Virgin Mary in Northern Italy, a
very important symbol in the Catholic religion. An interesting fact
that our professor told us is that if a religious structure is
faithful to the design of the original, it is considered just as
holy and important as the original. Therefore, the Loreta in Prague
is a very important symbol for the city! I really enjoyed our
visit, there was a courtyard in the middle of the structure with
many fountain statues that looked beautiful in the 60 degree sun.
Leonardo even got a picture on one, looking very regal! The Loreta
included a beautiful church, the church of the Lord’s Birth. I
thought the inside of this church was one of the most gorgeous
interiors I had seen on my trip. I love the combination of black
and gold. Our visit also included a small museum, with a few
artifacts from the 17th century. Our tour ended with a visit to a
nearby library, the Strahov library, which is very famous for it’s
beauty. The picture is a little blurry, but the beauty of the main
room is still apparent. The library contains many publications
important to Czech history, some dating back to the 12th century. I
can’t believe I only have two more official days of our program. My
trip has gone by so fast! The weather here will be around 60
degrees and sunny, so I will be sure to soak in my last couple
days! Sbohem prozatim!






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2 thoughts on “The Loreta

  1. Nicole

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful! The architecture is amazing in Prague!

  2. Grammy

    So much of the beautiful artwork there seems to be in churches rather than in museums.

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