Sunny and 50

The weather in Prague has been impeccable since we arrived here. It is currently 50 degrees and sunny, not what I would have expected for Northern Europe in March. Even when I don’t have anything specific I want to see, the weather makes me want to simply get out and walk around the city. Saturday this is exactly what I did. A group of us spent the afternoon walking along the river, enjoying the weather. The sun seems to light up the city and the reflection off the river amplifies it’s beauty. Yesterday I spent most of the day working on my final paper for the program at a local Starbucks. I was glad I was able to still be out in the Czech culture while doing my academic work. It was also nice to have my Starbucks coffee, a little taste of home :).

Prague is an interesting city. From my observations, it is the most culturally diverse city we have visited, and perhaps the most commercial as well. There are famous chain shops lining most major streets, and the squares are always bustling with all kinds of performers. The architecture and color of the city reminds me a lot of San Francisco. The buildings come in all colors; blue, green, yellow, etc., which look like “little boxes” (or big boxes) lining the street. Another note about Prague and Europe in general: they don’t have daylight savings until the end of March. The United States and Europe used to be synced, however recently the U.S. has been moving daylight savings back and Europe has stayed the same. Therefore, I am only 8 hours ahead of people on the west coast now.

Sbohem prozatim!




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3 thoughts on “Sunny and 50

  1. Grammy

    Love those pedestrian-friendly streets!

  2. D

    Love the architecture … and Leo’s hair! He is consistent :)

  3. Poppy & Grandma

    Wow – the open areas are full of people. Very bustling. Walking is a great way to see the sights and work off the pasta!

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