Tiny Town

Yesterday we visited the Jewish district of Prague. We saw multiple synagogues, a cemetery, and a museum of Jewish history. The synagogues seemed to serve two purposes; a religious site and a memorial site. The top level of the synagogues had small exhibits showing pictures of Jewish ghettos or describing the plight of the Jews during WW2. The cemetery was interesting because there was only a small space in which the dead were allowed to be buried. Therefore, the cemetery is very crowded, with tombstones piled on top of each other. It was interesting to see the evolution of tombstones through time. There are tombstones dating back to the 1200’s next to tombstones from the 1940’s. An interesting contrast.

Today we went to the top of Hradcany hill as a class. Most of the sights were not new to me since I explored the hill on our first full day here. One sight that was new was a little street called Golden Lane. This tiny street depicts life as it was hundreds of years ago in the Prague Castle. The houses that line the street housed servants and other workers, such as goldsmiths, that worked around the Castle. Everything was so small, it all seemed my size! :) Leonardo enjoyed this part of the day, he got a picture looking down Golden Lane.

Sbohem prozatim!



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4 thoughts on “Tiny Town

  1. Nicole

    What a great picture of you Steph, though that door is so tiny! I would not be able to fit myself!

  2. Poppy & Grandma

    Stephanie, you look absolutely radiant! Leonardo……..seems a bit challenged these days. But being carries all over Europe in a backpack has its moments I’m sure. He has truly been a noble travel companion. Love the size of that doorway!
    Grandma J

  3. Grammy

    Love your photo. Enjoy!

  4. D

    Cute photo!
    As I read your posts I think of the contrasts you are experiencing between Europe and our China trip. Certainly architecture and food the greatest of contrasts! … along with many others.

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