Aerial Views

Sunday we had a very relaxing day in Prague. A group of us
had lunch at a local bistro, then travelled to Petrin Hill. Halfway
up the hill we decided to take a break and relax in the grass for a
bit. A few of us found a nearby tree to climb, and we relaxed as a
group here for a few hours. The view was beautiful and the people
watching was interesting. The sun bounced off the buildings of the
city, making it look majestic. There were dancers in the grass
nearby whom we found interesting to watch from our perch in the
tree. Leonardo was even brave enough to climb the tree with me! We
decided that this was one of our favorite moments of the trip: 7 of
us looking over the city without having to say any words, just
simply enjoying the view and each other’s company. After it started
getting chilly we climbed the rest of the hill, (boy am I out of
shape,) to a tower at the top known as the ‘Eiffel Tower of
Prague’. We climbed the 360 steps to the viewpoint in order to take
in the aerial view of Prague. What a beautiful sight! On our way
back we ate street food at a local marketplace, yum! Yesterday one
of our professors took us to a University here to listen to a talk
about activist art against Roma discrimination. It was interesting
to hear the artist speak about his work and show us videos of the
projects he has done. Segregation is a big problem here in the
Czech Republic, even Roma dwellings are separated from the general
public by walls to keep them separate. These situations are hard
for me to imagine because they do not exist in America today. The
next 10 days will be filled with sight seeing as much as possible
as well as finalizing my term paper. I can’t believe the trip is
almost over! I am going to soak as much of it in as I can with the
time remaining.
Sbohem prozatim!




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3 thoughts on “Aerial Views

  1. Nicole

    This looks wonderful! I wish I could have been able to join you guys. A nice relaxing day sounds so amazing and enjoyable! Good luck with your term paper!

  2. Grammy

    Love the tree photo!

  3. D

    Suddenly I want an onion for breakfast!
    Lots of degrees of segregation worldwide. The wall sounds pretty blatant.
    Great weather you have there! Wow.
    Very beautiful city.
    Enjoy! Cheers!

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