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Today was our last day in Poland. This morning we toured the Schindler’s Museum, one of the coolest museums I have ever been to because it was very interactive. Visitors were able to flip through photo albums, walk through halls with sounds playing from Poland in the 1940’s, and saw visual representations of life in this time period. The museum was a tribute to Poland during World War 2, with special attention given to the Jewish community. It showed how Poland was taken over by the Germans and their population was exploited. The museum also commemorated Mr. Schindler, a German man who saved hundreds of Jewish people from being deported to Auschwitz by having them work in his factory under decent conditions.

This afternoon we visited a salt mine near Krakow. Here, we walked 135 meters underground to see the mine, which started operation in the 13th century. We learned many interesting things on the tour, including how the salt is mined and where the word ‘salary’ originates. Workers in salt mines used to be paid in salt, therefore the word ‘salary’ originates from the word ‘salt’! The coolest things about the mine for me were the salt sculptures and chapels. Workers built entire chapels out of the salt, even the chandeliers were made of salt! Leonardo even got a picture in one of the shafts of the mine :).

Tonight we take a night train back to Budapest. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Krakow, it was both historically fascinating and fun.

Pozegnanie teraz!





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  1. Grammy

    A place you will no doubt never forget. Your descriptions are fascinating.

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