Occupation of Hungary

This morning our class toured the Museum of Terror. This museum contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist regimes in 20th century Hungary. The museum is laid out in a unique way, containing three levels that visitors explore starting from the top. The first part of the museum contains information about the Nazi occupation of Hungary and explains how the Hungarian government essentially allowed the Nazi’s to come into their country and capture the Jewish citizens. The Nazi occupation of Hungary lasted less than a year. The majority of the museum relates to the Soviet occupation of Hungary and the fate of many citizens. The Soviet occupation lasted much longer than the Nazi occupation, and many people died as a result of being forced to work in work camps or being declared ‘an enemy of the state’. It was sad yet extremely interesting to learn about this time in history. The bottom level of the museum incorporated a reconstruction of the prisons that were set up by the communist party. This part of the museum was very eerie, although eye opening. Overall, the visit to the museum of Terror was one of the most interesting things we have done as a class. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum, so Leonardo took a picture in the lobby with a real tank from World War 2!

Tonight I will be taking a night train to Krakow, Poland. I am excited to explore another city in a country I don’t know much about!

Viszlát most!


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  1. D

    Very interesting. I too know less than I should about Hungary and Poland. I will look forward to learning through your experiences in both countries!

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