The past couple days I have not toured as much as I would have liked because I have been writing a midterm paper that I have been procrastinating for a couple weeks :). That being said, I am still enjoying my time here in Budapest! Today I went to one of the most famous bathhouses in the city, Gellert. Bathhouses are essentially spas with many pools containing mineral water, good for the skin! Today we did a common rotation: relax in a pool of 40 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, then a pool of 36 degrees Celsius for 20, quickly dunk in 11 degree Celsius water (brrr), then stand in a steam room for as long as you can stand it! The steam room was very hot, so hot it was difficult to breathe. After doing this rotation multiple times, we felt very relaxed. Definitely worth the price of admission! During my time in Budapest, I would like to make it to many different bathhouses. Tonight a group of us went to a restaurant that served typical Hungarian food: beef goulash, duck breast, and sour cherry strudel. Yum!!! Leonardo was very interested in the local goulash :).

To end this post I would like to give a unique fact about Hungarian culture…it is not culturally acceptable to clink the glasses at a toast! Raising the glass is fine, but the clink is frowned upon.

Viszlát most!




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2 thoughts on “Goulash

  1. D

    Many ways to make goulash. Yum!
    Cheers! [no clink}

  2. Grammy

    What–no noodles?! Yum, strudel.

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