Casa Dolce Casa

Today my friend Aleyna and I travelled to the small town of Minturno, where a portion of my family is originally from. It was great to see a smaller Italian town instead of the big cities. I felt a certain ‘homecoming’ feeling as I walked up to the town and walked through the streets. Minturno is a quiet little seaside town that has many cute side streets, very typical of what people think of when we hear ‘Italian town’. We had a nice dinner at an award winning restaurant that the owner opened early just for us! Nice people, beautiful town, great experience.

Yesterday I had a unique experience in Rome: an authentic cooking class! We learned how to make a 5 course meal typical of Roman cooking, and the best part was we got too eat it too! I was surprised at how much we were able to cook with pretty basic ingredients. I can’t wait to come home and cook what I learned for my friends and family, which I’m sure they will enjoy :).

Arrivederci for now!





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5 thoughts on “Casa Dolce Casa

  1. Poppy & Grandma

    Oh, the small town visit must have been wonderful! Looking at all those little steps, makes me wonder what would you do if you were in a wheel chair? Better stay healthy!

  2. D

    La nostra famiglia da minturno rende storia personale!

  3. D

    I just love those narrow street/path photos, particularly in the smaller quaint towns. They ooze human life history!
    Suddenly I feel like renting a villa for a couple weeks!

  4. Grammy

    So glad You had a nice experience in Minturno. Lovely photos and description. I didn’t realize it is a seaside town. Did they like Leonardo?

    • Stephanie

      Leonardo was in my bag the whole time and we just took him out for the picture, so no one saw him but me and Aleyna! Yes it was very beautiful, from atop the hill that the town sits on we could see the Mediterranean.

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