The Roma

As part of our studies here, we are working with a cultural group called the Roma. They are the descendants of the group commonly known as the ‘gypsies’. They are heavily discriminated against here, living in ‘camps’ that the government sets up for them. These camps are heavily guarded by the Italian police force. Last week, we visited one of these camps and met with local Roma who lived there. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think it was appropriate, but let me just say that the conditions were horrid. Dirty water was running through the streets, there was garbage everywhere, and there would be families of 6 living in a one room trailer. Our mission as a group is to break down barriers between us, Italians, and the Roma through photography. Tonight, we have our culminating project with them showing pictures we have taken over the past few weeks and our reflections on the visit to their camps. It will definitely be an interesting experience.

On another note, last night our group had a wine a cheese night, continuing to try the local cuisine. Leonardo even attended! It was a very fun and interesting night, even if we couldn’t read the name of the cheese we were eating!

Another fact about Italy is that there are no open container laws. Therefore, it is common to see people walking through the streets with an open beer or wine bottle! Definitely a cultural shock from what we see in America.

Arrivederci for now!


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3 thoughts on “The Roma

  1. Nicole

    That looks like fun! But I am sorry to hear about the Roma. I am actually learning about them and their history myself in my Spanish class. Very interesting subject, but their current living conditions are horrible as you described. Hopefully these conditions improve soon!

  2. Grammy

    You have certainly had a variety of experiences and cultural encounters. And more to come! A cornucopia of impressions and lessons to draw on lifelong.

  3. D

    Sad plight they endure for their desire not to assimilate into standard society. Terrific societal education experience for you guys to be there and hopefully good experience for them as well. I will look forward to hearing more on your perceptions and observations on the Roma and their life after you return. Maybe over some prosciutto, cheese and wine! Yum.
    Looks like my kind of superbowl party fare! {Go Seahawks!}

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